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Studies have shown that the earlier a shock is given, ideally within three minutes, the better the person’s chance of survival.  For this reason alone, it’s worth thinking about where you install your new defibrillator to make sure that should it be needed, it’s quickly accessible.

There are a range of accessories available to help install your defibrillator, wherever you decide to put it.  Regardless of whether you position your life-saving kit inside or outside, consider a location that is fairly central and easy to get to wherever you are in the building. 

If your device is going to be mobile, think about a storage or carry bag to make sure it’s easy to move the defibrillator from one location to another and to keep all of the necessary accessories such as new pads or battery together and to hand so that they can be accessed quickly.

For industrial or construction sites where there is likely to be a lot of dust or water, you’ll need a robust storage solution such as a cabinet that provides protective environment for your device. 

In offices and similar environments such as shops or bars/restaurants where it makes more sense to install your device internally, make sure you have a way of storing the device that stops it getting lost in the back of a cupboard or high up on a shelf.  A fit-for-purpose bracket or cabinet will ensure you have a safe and secure place for your defibrillator that can be easily accessed when needed.

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