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It can be hard to think about training for a cardiac event, but just like health and safety training, it pays to be prepared. 

When thinking about your investment in a defibrillator, be sure to include an element of training to make sure key personnel within your organisation or community can be properly trained in how to use the device safely and correctly.  This will increase the confidence of whoever is administering the device should it be needed and make sure there’s no hesitation in acting fast to deliver life-saving treatment.

We offer a vast range of defibrillators from brands including Zoll, iPad and Heartsine that will suit every budget and environment.  Give our experts a call today and let us help guide you to the right choice.

Training to use your defibrillator

Modern defibrillators are purposefully designed to be simple and intuitive to use; it’s one of the many benefits of investing in a device.  However, a medical emergency is going to be a high pressure and stressful event for everyone involved and when the adrenaline starts flowing, you need to know that whoever is administering the cardiac shock has the confidence to commit to their actions.  That’s why we’d always recommend training a cohort of users, whether these are in the workplace or local community, to understand more about cardiac events, types of treatment and how to use a defibrillator appropriately.

We offer a range of training to suit your needs, from face to face workshops to online modules and even telephone training to make sure your users understand all they need to know to be a safe and responsible defibrillator user.

On completion of the training, we’re sure that your users will feel much more comfortable and confident taking immediate life-saving action and when every second counts, this is invaluable to have.

All our LifeSaving Bundles include training.

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